About Us

What is GreenContributor?
GreenContributor seeks to create a platform that provides an opportunity for students and the general community to participate in environmental initiatives, besides providing environment education, learn about green initiatives, volunteer in environmental community projects and a rewards and recognition program.

Our platforms in different countries, will provide a mutually beneficial means to communicate, share and exchange information related to environment related topics, green practices and initiatives, case studies, success stories, businesses opportunity for students through interaction with startups and individuals to showcase their skills and talents and generate ideas.

Why this initiative and how to promote pro environment behaviour and develop green character?
In general it is seen that people participate in green activities either because it is a fashion statement (status symbol), or due to peer pressure (compare against benchmark), or for an egoistic consideration (people like to be acknowledged for doing something), or because of altruistic & biospheric consideration (considering the good of others and the environment global sum of all worlds ecosystem).So it is related to how people behave.

How to influence people’s behaviour?
Various researches have shown that people tend to behave based on social norms. While emphasizing positive behaviours and relationships with the focus on the morality helps in building character, various researches have indicated that addition of performance part pushes the students/people to do their best.

They act when they are bench marked against neighbours, neighbouring communities. They also act when their actions are followed by some sort of acknowledgement or making things visible.

This is the reason to have a rewards and recognition system for providing the motivation and the opportunity to participate and creating an environment to benchmark communities with other communities, schools with schools and businesses with businesses.

What is the intended outcome?
To create a community “empowered with green character through green behaviour”.