The Green Heart Tour

On this 8-day trip Green Contributor will take you on a journey through “the low lands”, better known as the Netherlands. This country is a pioneer in water management, with a long history of containing flood risks and reclaiming land from the sea. With climate change and the rising sea levels, this expertise will become increasingly important in the future. The Dutch government is also implementing a range of measures to meet its 2030 climate goal of reducing carbon emissions to be 55 per cent lower than in 1990. Among these are constructing wind farms in the North Sea, urging farmers to transition into more environmentally friendly agriculture and investing in subsidies for second-hand electrical cars, home insulation and solar panels on houses. The government is also aiming to make the energy sector and industrial companies carbon neutral, by transforming gas power stations and production processes to run on hydrogen, building offshore solar fields and demanding for the use of recycled inputs for example in the production of plastics. 

The above makes the Netherlands an ideal destination to learn more about Europe’s climate policy, see its practical implementation first hand and get inspired about innovative ways to reduce your ecological footprint or deal with the detrimental effects of global warning. Green Contributor will take you to various sights, museums, companies and institutions to teach you about the environmental problems facing the Netherlands and it pros and cons in managing these issues.

Of course, we will also show you the beauty of the Netherlands; its nature and landscapes. Furthermore, GreenContributor will introduce you to Dutch culture and history and give you an opportunity to experience and discover how living below sea level and in a flat-surfaced country, has influenced the Dutch’ lifestyle, language, food and architecture. Our team will show you around different Dutch cities and the countryside, have you taste the traditional Dutch cuisine and engage you in fun cultural activities.

Some highlights of this trip:

  • Visit an Dutch organic farm
  • The Rotterdam harbor, the biggest harbor in Europe
  • Visit to Madurodam, themepark with miniature Netherlands
  • Guided tour inside a wind turbine 11Beaufort
  • Guided tour inside a traditional wind mill
  • Guest classes in a Dutch school
  • One Planet Expo in museum Museon-Omniversum
  • Visit to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague city centre
  • Excursion to the seaside and beach
  • The Dutch public transport system, one of the most vast and efficient in the world and largely running on renewable energy or fuel

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⏲: 04-02-2024 (9 days)
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