Internship Program

Green Contributor/Algalita Marine Research and Education

Global Immersion – Internship & Entrepreneurship Program:

 2019 -20 USA

What We Are Offering


Green Contributor offers a 8 day short entrepreneurship and a 2- 4-week Leadership Intern Program (LIP) experience designed for business and engineering students who plan to lead in their chosen industry.  This learning experience will integrate Values to Lead (VL), STEAM Learning and Cultural Immersion to your Business and Engineering background and will be based in Los Angeles and Southern California. The LIP will be responsible for completing project(s) that deal with strategic innovative business and engineering initiatives. These project(s) will provide exposure to management and multiple functional areas.

VL will provide interns, through workshops, group and individual coaching, the necessary skills for effective leadership in the 21st century. The ability to work independently is required. Strong problem solving, organizational, communication and analytical skills are essential. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in organized activities i.e. plant tours, local community service projects and lunch & learn sessions to understand the company culture and career opportunities. If you are interested in a career that will have a significant impact on the lives of individuals around the globe, this could be an internship experience for you.

Our 4-week internships for undergraduates & graduates give students an early taste of real engineering and business challenges in this field. During your time with us, you’ll get to own at least one key project activity that has been selected by our senior leaders.



Interaction with Calstate Entrepreneurship department

The students also get an opportunity to interact with business leaders and entrepreneurs when we arrange the session at California State University Long beach Entrepreneurship department.

What you’ll need

  • A performance-focused, results-oriented approach – you’ll have a strong work ethic and a determination to achieve success
  • Strong ownership mentality and exceptional levels of self-motivation, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, leadership and motivational skills
  • Solid analytical capabilities and structured thinking


Job Description

  • Assist in analysis, research, documentation and coordination of key concepts and applications.
  • Develop/document statistical methods to correlate plastic pollution characteristics in the Los Angeles basin watershed with similar data in the NPG and other geographical regions.
  • Determine scope and time frame for needed improvements to assure stability, verifiability, and traceability of all relevant fields in the AMRE GeoDataBase.
  • Initiate contact with local individuals to develop a preliminary understanding of problems in plastic pollution mitigation in the Southern California region, and how such problems are similar, or differ from, problems in your home country.
  • Propose and evaluate at least one solution which in your later career may be pitched to organizations involved in marine plastic pollution mitigation, such as Ocean Cleanup and TFSA.



Database management including learning how to collect raw samples for analysis

Sail on board boat to understand about the marine environment and effects of pollution on marine life and ocean

Pursue near-shore data collection/verification in the Los Angeles watershed.

Use the data to develop ArcGIS Story Maps (conceptualize, storyboard, flesh-out, create, publish) for different target audiences and purposes.

Must address one or more proposed engineering or business track mitigation protocols.

Develop a strategy to duplicate similar activities in your country to help in our sustainability efforts

Develop presentation and reports both for the organization and also for submission at home in your country for discussion with relevant authorities.