We wish to congratulate the following winners

SkillsUSA Contest -

The follwoing group of students won the medals in SkillsUSA contest, USA for the project they submitted and presented (projects assisted by GreenContributor)

Urma, Emily & Serina - Academy for Pre-Med & Health Science Students, NJ for winning Silver medal for Project - Tourism and Environment

Emad, John & Sriram - Academy for Pre-Med & Health Science students, NJ Silver medal for Project - Water Quality and Pollution/Poison Detection

Mayor of Richmond Hill Mr Dave Barrow announcing the winners and their pledge & Skit spreading a character message organized by GreenContributor performed by students of Acting program - Seneca College

Pledge winners.

Steve Lynett

Use less water, Recycle, Conserve electricity where possible

Rjay Garcia

Conserve energy by powering off lights when not in use, Sorting trash & recycle appropriately

Karin Lynett

Plan many errands in one trip to save gas, Turn off heat & airconditioning unless needed, Turn off water when brushing teeth

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