Service learning/Summer/Global Impact Program

While most offer programs that cater to Students requirement of doing a certain minimum amount of community service time in order to graduate, GreenContributor is offering the students the platform where they can not only get an opportunity to see their ideas become a reality with our support they can also create a legacy.

Besides this the programs also offer the normal experience of helping in the community activities which can be fun, and students get to meet lot of interesting people, make friends, new connections which can be a great resource for future. Students also get the advantage for getting into a college or university which loves to those see students who take initiative and get involved in community related activities.

Now imagine if these programs are high profile opportunities where you get recognized globally and also opportunities for sponsorships

Service Learning Global Impact Program - 2013-14


Chipata - Zambia (Programs can be arranged anytime between Oct’13- March’14)

Montego Bay - Jamaica (Programs can be arranged anytime between Sept’13 to Sept’14)

Lima - Peru (programs can be arranged for November ’13 or between Feb-May’14)

Who can participate

This study tour is open to students interested in developing a more planetary perspective on the challenge of educating for sustainability to address your degree of understanding and interest in sustainability and/or sustainable development. These are meant for undergraduate or graduate students studying Business Management, Architecture, Humanities, Arts and Sciences, Research and some of the areas that will be covered are the following

Service Learning

– Working with staff of the museum in Chipata to come up with plans on how each aspect of local tradition and culture can be promoted to the outside world and being able to attract more visitors (This will be for Zambia)

– Working with teachers from Primary Schools in Jamaica and assisting them on the use of tablets as a teaching tool and coming up with ideas for topics within the local tourism economy that can be made into apps. (This will be for Jamaica)

– Introduction of aeroponics or roof garden or a sustainable economic activity that is related to an environmental and sustainable initiative (This will be in Lima, Peru)


Zambia - GreenContributor is setting up a drycompost toilet and with biogas facility for the museum which has been setup by the National Association of Phd Holders and will be launched in November 2013. The museum will be a center that will present the culture and traditions of Zambia and the Eastern province and students can also come up with ideas on how these traditions and culture can still be preserved and promoted to the outside world and attract more visitors to come to Chipata in Eastern Province, which borders Malawi and is also close to the largest Game reserve park in Zambia where one can even observe the wild cats. This is an excellent opportunity for students to understand more about the project and possibly replicate the concept f dry compost and bio gas back in their community while the students can also

Jamaica – GreenContributor is working with Barak Primary School and with various other stakeholders with the support of Ministry of Education to introduce alternate energy and tablets to schools as part of a pilot which will have to be replicated to 14 schools within a year. Students can also take this opportunity to study and observe and understand or come up with ideas on how apps with creative video and messages can be used as an effective tool to integrate the activities that are related to the main economic driver (which in the case of Jamaica is tourism) and introduced into schools and within communities to promote the learning and sensitization of sustainable within the tourism industry. This can also be taken back to their communities and students could present their ideas to the service and tourism industry.

Peru – GreenContributor will introduce the concept of aeroponics the art of growing vegetables and fruits without water and soil and also growing these vertically within a community in Lima. Students will get an opportunity to do research and identify how useful this can be especially in arid areas and could also promote this back within their communities. Students could also get an opportunity to work on roof gardens (depending on the period they opt for the program and the availability of University/ADESA staff to undertake the project. Students can also take the opportunity to research about the influence of Spanish culture and language and whether this has made an impact on the local economy. Since this will also be a country which is predominantly Spanish there will also be the services of an guide/educator who will assist you in the communication and translation and arranging meetings with the communities, the local INCA tribes and with representatives for various organization that will be useful for the point of your research

Past programs

GreenContributor Summer Program in Zambia - Solar Powered Classroom & e-learning School Project

Katuba Basic School & Kapila Basic School

Program Description

This Service Learning Program is a unique opportunity to have a real world community development and service experience during the summer of 2012 where they join a group of high school students from International Schools and Government schools in Lusaka to transform Katuba Basic Government School (elementary and middle school) in a rural region near Lusaka with no access to electricity and equip it with solar powered classrooms and connect them to e - learning with educators globally.

Program Highlights

Students may help with a range of projects and activities which may be fund raising in their respective countries for resources like used lap tops, digital projectors, routers, learning to set up solar panels, IT networking, designing textbooks and instruction materials for basic & health instruction, and many other community service activities. There is a strong experiential learning element that compliments their service experience. It also has a holistic approach that will help them gain first-hand knowledge of Zambian communities and is also a fully integrated service program where you give back to the community and will collaborate with students from 4 of the top schools (International, Private and Government) in Zambia


Any high school students who wish to be associated as Global ambassadors of Change can apply to be considered and ready to be fully immersed in developmental activities that will bring cheer to the lives of people in 8 villages for whom this school caters to. This program is ideal for students with a strong interest in empowering communities in Africa and a commitment to service, and those who wish to use their untapped skills in a real world setting. This program is also geared for students who are civic-minded, independent, unafraid of ambiguity and ready to be fully immersed in a foreign culture. It requires initiative, resourcefulness, and flexibility.

Housing and support

Students will be housed in the boarding schools within the city of Lusaka. There will also be support from many of the families of the local students from the International and government schools with whom you will be collaborating as well as well wishers Additional activities include the opportunity to tread the path of Dr Livingstone as part of some outdoor activities and also the tour of one of the natural wonders the mighty Victoria Falls or enjoy the cruise of the Zambesi river as well as the game reserves, the land of the big 5.

GreenContributor Summer Program in Tanzania - Eco Restoration, landscape & Building a sustainable habitat

Program DescriptionThis Service-Learning Program is a unique opportunity to have a real world community development and service experience on environment and architecture during the summer of 2012. The program is located in the Serengeti area of the great Savannah in Tanzania. This program is geared for students who wish to be associated as Global ambassadors of Change, students who are independent, and ready to be fully immersed in a development activities that will have a lasting effect beyond the community they will be initially associated with. It requires initiative, resourcefulness, and flexibility. Students will work a team of environmental architecture graduate students (an all girls team) and collaborate with the High School students from a prestigious International School in Tanzania and help with a range of activities from field study, workshops, landscape and in the implementation of a sustainable habitat for widows. This program is a must for students interested in pursuing environment and architecture as a career

Areas of Study

The students will have a unique opportunity to explore first hand a range of topics addressing contemporary environmental challenges. In real world setting the students will also examine the interrelationships between the application of eco - literacy to community, the environment, and society and increase their scientific and environmental literacy. They will also be working with local Tanzanian students focusing on conservation and helping to build on this to integrate this into the local school curriculum This program is for students with a strong interest in empowering communities in Africa and a commitment to service, and those who wish to use their untapped skills in a real world setting.

More Information:

Contact George Koshy, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (416) 720-4834

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