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Environmentally responsible actions and education is a shared responsibility and schools play a very important role if any initiative within a community is to be successfully implemented.

GreenContributor programs for schools addresses many areas which schools can take advantage as part of their environment initiatives.

Schools can provide the students, the opportunity to engage in green activities, embrace the environment through learning, group activities, community outreach and engaging in real life projects, that will tune them to take ethically responsible decisions and help in revitalizing the environment.

Be a part of the Global connected community : Countries from where the schools are currently represented : USA, Germany, Canada, Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Columbia, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates

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To know more about our environment and school partnership programs please contact 1.866.686.5087 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



"This is a great list of projects. There seems to be something for everyone" – Rutgers Prep- US school

“What you are doing is both forward thinking and educationally sound” – Savannah Plains - Prestigious International School in Tanzania

Our college counselors have used the projects to promote students application to colleges" Beaver Country Day School

"You have a very broad and interesting program which addresses extended health and environment issues in both developing and our western nations. There is a good opportunity to educate children in our western schools about these issues" - The Water School

“I think it would be great to meet with GreenContributor, for connecting schools from across the world. It would be a great way to ensure there is some great protocol to work with and to be connected to even more schools.” – Founder – Green Ambassador program. Environmental Charter High School

“This looks like a cool program. Generally, I'd be happy to talk with some students. I also think that it would be nice to get our program officer involved” –Water for People

"This is wonderful project. it will change the students to become responsible to undertake activities. Most schools are going to like the program. These projects will change the Kenyan communities" - Kenyan school


"Thank you for setting this up. I know that the students and teachers involved were super excited." Founder - ECHS, school in USA

"My students REALLY loved the experience!! Thanks for making it happen." - Teacher,ECHS USA (school named by the White House as one of the six top performing public school in USA for 2010)

"Thank you very much, you do not know how important is this project for my students, they really loved it. One more time thanks." - Teacher, Collego Panamericano - school in Colombia

"We are truly enjoying this learning process and believe the live connection between some of the participants has really enriched the experience. This experience specifically brought deeper meaning to the project as a whole.."

- Director, Ryan International School and a top ranked school in India with over 100 schools

"Thank you George, your work is close to perfect. We would like to participate again coming, this academic year" - Director, International school in Costa Rica

"The Climate Change Project is a very interesting collaborative work and our students have enjoyed working on it. We hope that we will have more opportunity to work on similar projects" – Head of Global History and Social Studies Dept. Beaver Country Day School, USA

Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of these wonderful opportunities. We want to help support all of the wonderful things your program is doing – AP Teacher, Heathwood Hall Episcopal High School, USA


"It was a very different and fun experience, one that is going to stay with me for a long time."
"These projects make a difference because it can implant the seed of scientific investigation and this ability will help you in the rest of school years and in college."
"This experience added to the overall project experience, as it made it clear that this was not just another run-of-the-mill project, but a major one. It encouraged us to put even more effort into our project, knowing that there were audiences across the world."
"Learning through a fun method like this was very effective as opposed to the very drab process of teaching or even researching on the internet. As this research had every element including live verbal interaction, our spirits were high. Even waking up at 5 in the morning to reach the school did not hurt at all."


Collaborate and work on projects with support fom experts in the field and reputed organizations worldwide. Students can also take advantage of this assistance while engaging with business and other organizations for both school and member projects

Environment projects currenlty offered : Development projects, Research projects, community outreach projects (call us to know the list of projects)e.g. Health and sanitation, water projects, eco - restoration, plastic pollution


Exercises: Look out for more in this section. Schools that are not participating in this program can also take advantage and students can use this section to answer these exercises, engage in projects and to earn prizes.

Share ideas and green initiatives

Schools and students are encouraged to share their initiatives to help in the change process and motivate others towards green behaviour


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