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Is this something Canada should be proud of?

Canada among the worst polluters
Canada among the world's largest consumers
Canada last among G8 on climate change action
Environmental attitudes in Canada and around the world
US & Canada – lowest Greendex score for economically sustainable consumption
Canada has one of the fastest rates of growth in greenhouse gas releases in the developed world
How Canada Performs- 2008: Greenhouse gas emissions Municipal Waste Generation Water Consumption Volatile Organic compound (VOC) emissions , Energy Intensity, Canada's Ranking in Key Measurements
Canada ranks 15 among 16 peer countries in terms of water consumpion

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Links to environmental related research reports
Ecological footprint of nations, consumption and other facts - Living Planet report 2008
Link to full report
G8 Climate scorecard– Climate change WWF & Allianz report
Link to full report
"How Canada Performs: A Report Card on Canada" the Conference Board of Canada
Link to full report
National Geographic – Greendex 2008 survey
Link to full report
Research by Green Contributor
Research on current green practices by businesses, commitment to the greater cause of environment sustainability & revitalization, adherence to laws and regulation, perception of businesses on the green campaign will provide an insight on how companies view green initiatives.Such research will also help to understand the underlying reasons why some companies do not actively pursue green initiatives, what should be done to address the issue, and how to persuade companies to revaluate their current environmental practices if needed. Click here on the link above to view analysis of some of the research conducted.

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