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Food Nutrition and Agriculture Eating Green - Research

Green Ambassador

Member schools (grade 8-12)


2011 USA, India, Singapore, UAE, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania

Climate Change - Research (University of Erlangen, Nurnberg - Germany)

Member schools

2010 - 2012

phase - I (USA India, Germany)

Global Water Initiative

Member schools (grade 7-12)


USA,Tanzania Kenya, India, Uganda

School Projects & Contests

Open to all


Global participation

Impact of Human activities on eco system and biodiversity

Member schools (grade 5-12)



Global Infectious Disease

Member Schools


Zambia, USA, India

Plastic & Marine Pollution (Algalita Marine Research Foundation)

through contest

March 2011 (Long Beach CA, USA) 2012 venue to be decided

Globally -over 100 students and 25 teachers

Example of a research project:

Food, Nutrition and Agriculture - A research paper in which students research a particular food issue and how the issue is manifesting in different countries. The function of the paper will ..... (contact for details)

Articles about the projects and program

Click on the links below to read articles that appeared in UN website and official UN publication - UN Chronicle, 2011 Jan Issue, written by students involved in GreenContributor program

Article by Zambian students- We have become the change Agents

Article by Ugandan students - Water our life

Newsletter by International School of Lusaka, Zambia - considered to be the oldest and the third largest International school within the Association of International Schools of Africa

Competitions by GreenContributor and member schools (post pilot)

Any entry expressing appreciation or concern of the natural environment


The aim of the Competitions :

To reward students while encouraging people (particularly the young children) to learn more about their local environment and promote green behaviour

COMPETITION RULES: Click on the link to read the eligibility and rules

Competitions: students from Grade 5 to 12

Type Sponsor End Date Eligibility Prize Details
Drawing     Member Schools   contact us
Essay/Story     Member Schools   contact us
Poetry     USA   contact us
Painting     Member Schools   contact us
Science Projects     Paired schools   contact us
Photography         More Info

Entry for competitions are free for participating schools. Please contact your schools and get details

Competitions: Open to all schools

Type Sponsor End Date Eligibiliy Prize Details
Song/Music     16 & above   More Info
Research     Over 18   More Info
Painting     Over 18   More Info
Projects     16 & above   More Info
Video     Over 18   More Info
Photography     Over 18   More Info


Links to some competitions held by other organizations

Canon Nature Nurture Awards Prize - $20000.00

Environmental program that encourages Canadians to help protect or improve the natural habitat of an endangered or threatened species in their community.

>RBC - Imagine H20 Innovation Challenge – Prize $50,000>

RBC innovation challenge offering USD 50,000 in prizes for business plans that encourage water efficiency. The global competition is open to anyone, and entries will be accepted starting in September 2009. Winners will be announced in early 2010

Global Challenge Awards – Prize $250 to $1000

The Global Challenge is an online international competition that encourages learning in science, technology,

Engineering and mathematics for all high school students (equivalent age which is usually 14-17 years old)

Sixth Honens International Piano Competition Prize $17,500 - 35000.00

Atlantic Immigrant Poetry Competition 2009 Prize $1350.00

The Ninth Annual Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest Prize $1200.00

Igniting Creative Energy Challenge

Design and share innovative ways to make a difference in energy conservation and the environment. Program developed and funded by Johnson Controls and the National Energy Foundation - open to all students in grades K-12 in the U.S, Canada. Void in Quebec.

Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize

This competition is open to international teams attempting to design a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles (100mpg fuel efficiency).. Prizes will be awarded to the teams that win a stage race for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPGe. Registration for the Competition Division of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE closed on February 28, 2009 but the Demonstration Division of the competition remains open.

American Computer Science League

Computer science contests and computer programming contests for junior and senior high school students.

Architectural and Architect International Estonian Architectural Competition - Prize $34138.00

Allied Artists of America National Exhibition- Prize $23000.00

Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest Prizes - $13000.00

Cartoon Frederic Chopins Smile: Cartoon Competition by Muzeum Karykatury Prize - $20000.00

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