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Description:- Everyone has something of worth that they can contribute to help the world be a better place. The education model used by GreenContributor not only addresses and educates students all over the world on environmental problems, but it follows a unique model by connecting schools and communities globally (including some of the top schools, as well as schools in remote corners) and students collaborate as “Teams” that work on special projects. This model empowers students to discover that they have something to contribute to the world. GreenContributor program gives opportunity for students to search for real solutions to real problems that can have a positive impact in many communities.

The following is the programs permed in different countries:-

Wednesday 08 January 2014 - Friday 31 January 2014 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Program- Jamaica
Join a group of high school students from US and top International and Private schools in Lusaka to transform Katuba ...

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