Schools involved & Testimonials

Schools that are part of this program.

Many of the schools that are part of this program are prestigious and top ranked schools including International Schools, Private Independent schools, Public schools, co-ed as well as all girl schools while there are also schools from rural communities including schools that have students from very poor and economically backward communities and schools that do not have presence on the web, neither have a computer or know how to use a computer, and some unique type of schools .Some of the schools involved include a school named by the White House in April 2010 as one of the six top performing public school in US as part of President Obama's commencement challenge, few of prestigious Blue Ribbon schools in US, school that is older than the American Republic and many more from other countries.
Countries represented by member schools : USA, Brazil, India, Germany, Costa-Rica, Canada, Colombia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and growing.

Articles about the projects and program

Click on the links below to read articles that appeared in UN website and official UN publication - UN Chronicle, 2011 Jan Issue, written by students involved in GreenContributor program

Article by Zambian students- We have become the change Agents
Article by Ugandan students - Water our life

Newsletter by International School of Lusaka, Zambia - considered to be the oldest and the third largest International school within the Association of International Schools of Africa


"This is a great list of projects. There seems to be something for everyone" – US school in NJ

“What you are doing is both forward thinking and educationally sound” – Savannah Plains - PrestigiousInternational School in Tanzania

Our college counselors have used the projects to promote students application to colleges" -School in Massachusetts

"You have a very broad and interesting program which addresses extended health and environment issues in both developing and our western nations. There is a good opportunity to educate children in our western schools about these issues" - The Water School

"This is wonderful project. it will change the students to become responsible to undertake activities. Most schools are going to like the program. These projects will change the Kenyan communities" - Kenyan school


"Thank you very much, you do not know how important is this project for my students, they really loved it. One more time thanks." - Teacher - school in Colombia

"We are truly enjoying this learning process and believe the live connection between some of the participants has really enriched the experience. This experience specifically brought deeper meaning to the project as a whole.." - Director, International School and a top ranked school in India with over 100 schools

"Thank you George, your work is close to perfect. We would like to participate again coming, this academic year" - Director, International school - Costa Rica

George, we just do not have words enough to thank you for all that you have done for me, for the students and for The International School of Lusaka ever since we started the GreenContributor Project in September 2010. When I told my students that the trip to the USA marked the end of the Project on Infectious Diseases and Marine Pollution - they were very disappointed - Teacher, International School, Zambia

"The Climate Change Project is a very interesting collaborative work and our students have enjoyed working on it. We hope that we will have more opportunity to work on similar projects" – Head of Global History and Social Studies Dept. School from Massachusetts, USA

Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of these wonderful opportunities. We want to help support all of the wonderful things your program is doing – AP Teacher, School in South Carolina, USA


"It was a very different and fun experience, one that is going to stay with me for a long time."

"These projects make a difference because it can implant the seed of scientific investigation and this ability will help you in the rest of school years and in college."

"This experience added to the overall project experience, as it made it clear that this was not just another run-of-the-mill project, but a major one. It encouraged us to put even more effort into our project, knowing that there were audiences across the world."

"Learning through a fun method like this was very effective as opposed to the very drab process of teaching or even researching on the internet. As this research had every element including live verbal interaction, our spirits were high. Even waking up at 5 in the morning to reach the school did not hurt at all."

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