Heroes of the Environment

Heroes of the Environment is a list published since 2007 in Time Magazine.

Heroes of the Environment 2008

Heroes of the Environment 2007

Some of the heroes

Recycler - Yumi Someya - Turning Japan's used cooking oil into clean fuel

All Homes are oil fields. Yumi started a recycling company and collects all the used cookingoil and turns it into vegetable diesel fuel (VFD) which emits no sulfur oxides and half the particle matter of conventional diesel fuel. (Time magazine article (Oct 5 2009)- by Yuki Oda/Tokyo)

Community without cars - Vauban - a community in southwestern Germany with about 5000 residents gave up cars and are just doing fine and couldn't be happier. Most of the streets are free of vehicles, and have generous green spaces, good public transport links, inclusing fast buses, efficient tram and bicycle paths. (Time magazine article (Oct 5 2009)- by Tristana Moore/Vauban)

Commode King - Bindeshwar Patnaik-Turning your pooh into fertlizer.

Providing the basic amneties of a simple toilet, that is lacking to over 110 million households in India and where 75% of the country's surface water is contaminated, Bindeshwar Patnaik's Sulabh Sanitation Movement is a blessing providing a twin pit toilet (costing just 15$) to any village, house or mudhut. While one pit is in use, the other is left covered and within 2 years the waste in the covered pit dries up so it is suitable for fertilizer. Pathak has also perfected an excreta based biogas plant that generates fuel for household. (Time magazine article (Oct 5 2009)- by Mridu Khullar/New Delhi)

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Global 500 Roll of Honour

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) established the Global 500 Roll of Honour in 1987 to recognize the environmental achievements of individuals and organizations around the world.
Since the inception of the award in 1987, over 719 individuals and organizations, in both the adult and youth categories, have been honoured with the Global 500 award. Among prominent winners are:

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