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We all share concern about the places where we live, the quality of the air, water, other eco services we rely upon, the lives of our children and the future generations, and our opportunities to live fulfilling and comfortable lives. It is in our neighbourhoods, watersheds, ecosystems, and in both rural and urban locations that these outcomes are either realized or frustrated. Everyone wants their community to remain on a revitalizing trajectory, That would translate as not more but better standard of living and quality of life by renewing and enhancing existing built, natural and socio-economic assets rather that destroying something of long lasting value.

The best way to begin this process is to value every person’s views and opinions, and make the political and business community accountable for their actions. Green Contributor provides the platform to share with the community some of the heroes of the environment who have played a prominent role and made significant contribution to the cause of the environment and use their example to engage all stakeholders and form a sustainable coalition for creating a shared vision for the renewal of the community and its natural environment including opportunities to additional jobs

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