Case Studies - Environmental Business practices

Resource conservation - Supply Chain

J.D. Smith - has made significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through a number of initiatives, including in-cab heaters that reduce vehicle idling levels, electric light retrofits in three facilities that have lowered electricity consumption, energy-smart roof replacement, and a building automation system that has reduced natural gas consumption. In 2007, J.D. Smith of Concord was recognized for winning the first annual Green Supply Chain Award by Supply Chain and Logistics Association Canada (SCL). The award acknowledged the company for having set and exceeded high standards for environmental friendliness in the handling and shipment of their products to customers.

More Supply Chain Management Environmental Initiatives

Pfizer, Dow chemicals, Motorola, Abbot, FedEx, Intel, Texas, 3M, Kodak

Link to GEMI website

Design for environment

Caterpillar have established a remanufacturing division where they take old engines that are basically used up and broken down and remanufacture them into new engines and they warranty those engines as if they were new. Instead of throwing the engine in the junk heap, it's reborn. They have about 4,000 employees worldwide that are working in their remanufacturing division and it's one of the most profitable divisions.

Ford introduced soy-based foam for the seat cushions on all of their vehicles or a lot of their vehicles. It's renewable and doesn't deplete environmental resources besides aso reduces carbon emissions

Philips. - In 2002, Philips launched their first Sustainability Report stating a commitment to being the world’s leading eco-efficient company in the electronics industry. Seeing environmental improvement as an opportunity for innovation, they work continuously to minimize the impacts of products, processes and services. In addition to implementing the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard and certification, they have developed procedures for Environmentally Conscious Product Design – called EcoDesign – that deal with all phases of product development.

Recycling, Resource conservation

Staples Business Depot. - makes it easy for their customers to recycle by offering a variety of services including options for recycling computers and office technology products, ink and toner cartridges, cell phones and other rechargeable batteries. In late 2006, they announced the launch of the first complete line of environmentally responsible paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Domtar EarthChoice.


HP packaging on their Pavilion notebook. It features an innovative design that reduces product packaging by 97 percent, conserving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions by removing the equivalent of one out of every four trucks previously needed to deliver the notebooks

Environmental Management - Communication and engagement

Case studies:

Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Interface, Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart

Aligning corporate sustainability values and day-to-day business practices

Report by

National Environmental Education Foundation Business and Environment Program:

Environmental Building design

Link to Canada Mortgage and housing corporation - Innovative Green Buildings


Industry examples (BASF, Shell Canada, Canfor, Airbus and more) of best practices in developing and implementing eco-efficency. Study by Five Winds for the Canadian government’s Inter-departmental Eco-efficiency Working Group to provide decision-makers with some insights into the drivers and challenges that organizations face as they shift toward more eco-efficient operations, products and services.

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