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GreenContributor a Canadian-based organization involved in environmental and educational initiatives across the world for schools and Universities and connecting communities and organizations to establish partnerships with educational institutions. GreenContributor offers opportunities for students to participate in environmental research based projects and activities where the students are challenged to take action in addressing real problems, find solutions that can be implemented locally and globally.

As well as addressing the environmental sustainability component established under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. GreenContributor achieves success through key partnerships, such as the Department of Geographic Education, University of Erlangen Nurnberg, Germany , which provides advice and supports GreenContributor in didactical and pedagogical issues and other programs with Universities in North America, Caribbean, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia

Click on the links below to read articles that appeared in UN website and official UN publication - UN Chronicle, 2011 Jan Issue, written by students involved in GreenContributor program

Article by Zambian students- We have become the change Agents

Article by Ugandan students - Water our life.

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A green initiative promoting a "Green" character

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USA, Canada - Where art thou!!!
Is this is our way of living!! It's time we change

Articles and links to movie and presentations you should not miss, that just may change the way you look at the environment and all the stuff in your life for ever.
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